These are just a few of the type of Awards the charity has made this year!

  • Funding towards school buses
  • Laptops for schools and individuals
  • New School library books
  • Youth Groups - equipment for summer camps
  • Help towards Travel and Accommodation for Students
  • Funding towards recreational activities
  • School Trip and School uniform funding

And much more!

Funding for educational purposes

Thanks to the foresight and generosity of three people who lived in Maidenhead and Bray in the seventeenth century many thousands of children and young people have been helped to fulfil their educational potential during the past 350 years.

Abraham Spoore, Elizabeth Merry and Mary Rixman left money derived from rents and investments to be spent for educational purposes on local children.

Today the Trust is in the fortunate position of being able to extend its funds to support individuals and organisations who can demonstrate an educational need.

The Trustees are pleased to announce that they have successfully extended the funding boundary to now cover a wider area. Please see the new area of benefit given in the map which covers the current 2016 postcode area SL6 1-9. We welcome applications from children and young people under the age of 25 who live in the new area of benefit.

Under the terms of the Trust parents are required to provide a statement of their annual income. Families in receipt of Income Support or the equivalent can be granted up to £3,000 per annum for a student in Higher Education.

The Trustees are considering setting up Bursaries for students from low income families which could cover the entire cost of a University Course.

Grants are available for school visits, residential courses, tuition in music or the arts, special needs courses and aids such as laptops for dyslexic children, musical instruments and sporting equipment.

Families can apply for school uniform grants as long as their application is supported by a social worker, Health Visitor, teacher, CAB worker or other responsible person recognised as such by the Trustees.

The Trustees welcome applications from young people or their families or care workers to encourage them to return to or to remain in education when they may have dropped out and not achieved GCSE passes.

In view of recent evidence of the huge increase in student debt, and for the difficulties children from lower income families face in completing further and higher education courses, the Trust is well placed to offer opportunities for young people to develop their talents and skills at every educational stage.

Grants are also made to schools for items not funded by budgets e.g. for the development of school grounds, or for specialised equipment, lighting, staging, musical instruments etc.

Youth Clubs and organisations for young people are welcome to apply for grants to provide facilities which are educational in the wider sense.

SMR supports local initiatives involving children; e.g. Shakespeare performed by primary school pupils at Norden Farm.

Every child who leaves a LEA primary school residing within the charity boundary receives a dictionary from the Trust.

SMR offers grants to those young people accepted for an apprenticeship of £1,500 p.a. if living independently and £1000 if living at home. The applicant must be under 25 and in financial need, ie parental income low or applicant not supported by parent.
More information on 16-24 year application form.